Jesel Sportsman Series SS Shaft Mount Rockers for Small Block Chevy AFR 210cc/220cc Eliminator Cylinder Heads. Jesel KSS-406060 Part Number: 549-KSS-406060. in Cylinder Blocks, Engine Tech, Factory Crate Engines, New Products, News & Reviews Ford Racing Performance Parts has taken its line of Boss block based crate engines to the max displacement… Read more
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  • Standard Small Block Ford 2.123 Rod Journals Standard Small Block Ford 2.248 Main Journals 2.100 Rod Journals On 302 Small Block Ford Crank (2.100 rod journal 101)
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  • Of course, that's where the money is, FACT. And my Bowtie and Dart blocks are good to 2500hp. Ford fuckers have to step up to aftermarket for that power, too. FACT. Where's the stampede of aftermarket manufacturers rushing to provide support for the 385 series? Kaase has a couple (one is Ford Racing) and Trick Flow. Oh, and China.
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  • Dec 26, 2018 · But for the warbird faithful, Kaase’s P-38 head for a small-block Ford or his P-51 version for the 385-series big-blocks is his way of acknowledging these earlier piston-driven machines. His latest SR-71 venture is also aimed at the 429-460 family but shoots for even greater heights and certainly appears more than deserving of that high-flying moniker.
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  • Kaase’s P-38 small-block Ford heads graduate to shaft-mounted rockers • Broad-base rocker management for high-speed stamina and stability Winder, GA: Kaase’s P-38 small-block Ford Windsor cylinder heads have graduated to shaft-mounted rockers—a move inspired by oval track, road race and track-day demands seeking high-speed valve train ...
Jul 03, 2005 · Does a big block really exist,? look on.... If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. From our entry level 475 horsepower Street & Strip Small block all the way to our competition 1400 hp Big Blocks, you'll find an engine to fit your budget and racing program. With years of development in these different engines, we've learned what works to make the most power with rock steady reliability.
Explorez l'OSBlock, le mur isolé révolutionnaire dans le domaine de l'habitation. Économique, écologique et simple à installer.السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته .. تمت إضافة حيوانات أليفة جديدة في المتجر لفترة محدودة ، احصل عليها الآن! وستتم إضافة حيوانات أليفة متنوعة كل اسبوع. نتمنى لكم امتع...
Big Block Ford TFS Trick Flow A-460 Aluminum with 1 piece intake stand Small Block Ford Blue Thunder 3.60 aluminum heads Small Block Ford AFR 205, 220 & 225 aluminum heads 1.520 Long rocker Big Block Chevy . 4.600 Bore X 4.750 Stroke. VIEW DYNO CHART. This drag racing engine combination is truly an engineering masterpiece. We have used the latest Pro Stock technology to develop this reliable sportsman engine. This engine package makes the most power and torque for the money spent in the market today.
390-428 FE Short Blocks; 390-428 FE Power Kits; 429-460. 429-460 Engine Rebuilding; 429-460 Complete Engines; 429-460 Heads; 429-460 Short Blocks; 429-460 Power Kits; 430-462 MEL. 430-462 MEL Power Kits; 430-462 MEL Core Parts; 430-462 MEL Heads; 430/462 MEL New Parts; Boss 429. 429 Boss Complete Engines; Big Block Chevy; Small Block Chevy ... 3-choose from @ 40-60,000 New 89,995. CN or LSM Billet Block, Callies or Winberg Billet 5.700 Crank, Crower Titanium Rods, Diamond Billet Pistons, 70mm Cams, Sonnys Semi Hemi Chev Heads CNC ported, Weinle Motorsports Billet Runner Manifold, Braswell Split Dominators. Engine will Dyno 1900+HP 1400Ft Torque.
Nov 08, 2019 · The car’s heart is a 520 ci Boss Nine V8 built by Jon Kaase Racing Engines making 700 horsepower. Behind the V8 sits a Bowler six-speed manual transmission, QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft, and John’s Industries 9-inch rear end with 3.55 gears. Dec 13, 2013 · Cast from 356-T7 aluminum, the block weighs a mere 179 pounds, and can support up to a 4.625-inch cylinder bore and a 4.600-inch crank stroke. The block has 4-bolt billet steel main caps, cast iron cylinder liners, and uses roller cam bearings. Quite the stout piece.
KAASE Racing: New Boss 429 aluminum cylinder heads. Matched to fit Boss 429 block! (Photo 1, Photo 2) E-mail: Engine Parts: HP-429 C9AE-6015-A: HP-429 Boss 429 engine cylinder block, high nickel, std. NOS Ford, 1969 date code, no serial number stamped, rare! (Photo 1, Photo 2) E-mail: Engine Parts: Holley 4575 choke plate
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  • Online buzzer for online quizBack in the day, the weakness of the Boss or Cleveland heads on most street driven motors was the lack of torque below 3000-4000 rpm (depending on cam). I don't know if the Kaase heads are designed with enough port velocity to overcome this, but I think this design is unmatched for all out high rpm hp production. Sure is pretty though:
  • Open bo cibuburFeb 01, 2011 · While Kaase has made it rather simple to put together a Boss 429 engine using a regular 385-series 429/460, some Ford big-block enthusiasts may want the real thing under their hoods. Fortunately for them, we see two brand new Boss 429 engine blocks and two sets of Boss 429 heads for sale on From the seller's description:
  • Hermite interpolation proofOct 02, 2018 · The engine is unique because Kaase built eight brass inserts that extend the length of the intake and exhaust runners through a deck plate and into the cylinders. This trick fixed the short side turn on the intake and using a plate on the exhaust, add “about 100 hp” to the engine’s already impressive power output.
  • Silverado cab light fuseApr 28, 2004 · Be sure to read the article by Jon Kaase on the link. Remember, he won the Engine Masters Big Block Challenge ...
  • Mewbot spawnsA460 block @ 4.500 bore, eagle 4340 4.500 stroke crank, eagle H-beam rods with ARP L19 rod bolts, Kaase P51 cylinder heads (stock--unported) comp cams solid roller, Diamond 16 to 1 pistons, Danny...
  • Dead fullz freeDiamond Racing Products 40411 - Forged Street / Strip ''KAASE" - Dish Pistons for Big Block Ford 385 Series 10.300" Deck Height. 4.400" Bore, 4.150" Stroke, 6.800" Rod Length, .990" Pin.
  • Cve 2020 11023 pocATK SP09 Ford 351W Short Block Dished Pistons 28 oz Non-Roller Block ATK SP25 Ford 408CI Stroker Short Block -22cc Dish Pistons ATK SP21 Ford 408CI Stroker Short Block -25.8cc Dish Pistons Forged Crank Kit ATK SP11 Ford 460CI Short Block -15cc Dish 88-92 Block
  • Proscan 42 inch tv manualShowcasing kaase heads available for buying here on the internet. Browse a bunch of kaase heads on sale today.
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the Kaase pump is probably the most cost effective now if he'd just make one for 351C, i wonder if it's adaptable? but anyway, at some rpm the single inlet can't flow enough oil to keep up with pump output and the pump cavitates, no more oil pressure to the motor. dual inlets raises the rpm capability before pump cavitation Jon Kaase’s wild Y-block has radically redesigned Mummert cylinder heads topped with an Edelbrock tunnel ram and a pair of 750 cfm Holleys. All photos from MSD Facebook page Jon Kaase completely redesigned the Ford Y-block cylinder head and swept the Vintage V8 class on the fourth day of the Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge (EMC).